INFO – Getting Started

  1. Want to become a data scientist or switch to a career in analytics? This infographic from is a great place to know what skills you need.
  2. LinkedIn blogpost by Zeehshan presents an exhaustive list become a data science expert for FREE, well within a year. 
  3. Udacity blog provides practical advice and link to free courses. This second post talks about the 8 most crucial skills needed by a data scientist.
  4. Advice to newbies from Robert Dempsey, genius developer, professional, entrepreneur, author and influencer.
  5. Free Book from Syracuse Univ. giving an excellent introduction into the world of data science, fundamentals and applications. 
  6. How to get started – a broad overview from Univ. of Chicago students working on a World Bank Project. 

Learning Resources 

Other Resources

  1. The best analytics blogs – a list of 150+ data science blogs to follow, or rather choose from. My favs are: Trevor StephensAirbnbR-bloggers and Blog by Dr. Roger Peng.
  2. While you are learning analytics, remember that to be successful you need to be an artist. This unique article tells you they why and the how. 
  3. Becoming better with data visualization
  4. Trends in deep learning in 2016 and beyond. 

Journey of Analytics

Free Learning Resources

  1. Free courses - My recent blog post covers the best ways to learn programming for data analysis (R, Python, SQL), including free online courses and the best textbooks to self-learn. 
  2. Free datasets – Check out my blog post.
  3. Free code repositories – Look at my Projects page. This page is periodically updated so do check back again in month or two! :-)
  4. Kaggle is known for tough data science competitions. What most newcomers don’t realize it also has a wealth of tutorials, Q&A to help accelerate your learning process. So go ahead, take a look and maybe even attempt a contest or two!
  5. 27 free books on data mining.
  6. Check out MOOCs from Coursera, EdX and Stanford.
  7. An overview of the Hadoop ecosystem.