Top interview questions for data science jobs.

  1. Interview Qs for data analysts 
  2. Interview Qs for data scientists.

Basic interview preparation:

  1. ​101 behavioral interview Qs with sample answers, by Peggy McKee . Irrespective of whether you are interviewing for an entry-level role, or an experienced professional, you definitely need to read this book. Being prepared for these Qs will help you come across as a polished, stellar candidate that will have hiring managers fighting over you!

Interview Preparation & Careers

Career Guidance:

  1. Advice by 15 Top Data Scientists. This article is a bit old, but all the content is still valid and very much relevant for job seekers in the current market. LINK  
  2. What skills do data analysts need? What tech stack do data scientists use? How much salary do they make? The annual Data Science salary survey reveals all this, and much more. LINK 
  3. Can I leverage my existing skills to transition to a career in Big Data? Readthis post if you work as a Business Analyst.

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