Journey of Analytics

My Journey: 

An engineer by education, I was always fascinated by numbers and helping people, esp. with business problems. With analytics I can happily work on both! :)

My first “business” project was to help my mom, Dr. Latha V, with the statistical and graphical analysis of her Ph.D thesis on habits of 500+ distance education learners.

As a software engineer and analytics consultant, I've been tremendously successful working with both startups and Fortune500 firms, doing tasks like:

  • software product usage patterns,
  • applying ML algorithms for predictive analytics and forecasting.
  • data models for sales and marketing strategies and reducing operational costs.
  • designing meaningful BI dashboards for senior management. 

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This site is my way of helping younger professionals get the same results, and accelerate their learning.

That’s my data story. Do you have one too? Feel free to share.

July 2016 - update:

Check my profile on Kaggle "anu_analytics" to see where I ranked among the Top 10% LeaderBoard.

More about me.

My name is Anupama, aka "Ann". 

I am an Engineer, financial analyst & blogger. I also love travelling, reading non-fiction books and listening to music. 

Use the contact page to reach out if you want help with a student project, want to share feedback or if you'd simply like to talk about the latest outliers on the NYC bestseller list! 

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