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  • Analytics and machine learning is one of the most sought-after skill in the tech industry. But unfortunately, breaking into this niche is not easy, esp. if you have no prior industry experience or a background in programming. There are loads of courses and information available, but sometimes having too much choice can get overwhelming. With this site, I wanted to share the best resources that can quickly help you get started. 
  • Whether you are a student getting started with programming (R, Python, SAS, etc), a professional exploring new skills or even a manager hoping to get a better understanding of how to apply data intelligence to your domain, we have something to help all of you! 
  • This site provides ready-made projects and step-by-step tutorials that quickly get you started with programming and understand complex stat theory. Plus, you can use our FREE code repositories to strengthen your project portfolios and show of your skills to potential employer!  

Look around the links below to see projects from domains that interest you, or simply download the latest code files to dive in immediately! 

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​Learning Resources

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Click above link to learn about data analytics. These include quicknotes, free online courses, free datasets, book reviews for R/SAS/statistics and links to top blogs. Or check out my "Projects" page for code repositories and visualizations. 

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Journey of Analytics

Marketing analytics

Customers are central to any company's growth, profits and expansion. Marketing analytics is therefore one of the biggest market for analytics, and one of my fav categories in analytics!

Learn more about marketing analytics, tools and tips for getting data and how to leverage this treasure-trove of information.

​​Careers in ANALYTICS

  • What skills are in demand for data analysts? For data scientists? 
  • Top interview questions for data science jobs.
  • Where are the jobs for data analysts, which companies are hiring?
  • Can I leverage my existing skills to transition to a career in Big Data?

Bursting with questions like these? Click the link above to view answers and learn more.