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Project Portfolio 2017 

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 Jan 2017 Fitbit Data

 Analyzing data from Fitness trackers. (Fitbit).

 Heart rate, sleep quality, calories burned, etc. Tutorial Blog post .

 Download Fitbit_project
 Jan 2017



 Using 5 machine learning algorithms to predict birth weight of

newborn infants using predictors such as gestation, mother's ethnicity, single or twins/multiples, time when prenatal care started, etc. 

Comparison of accuracy and sensitivity from all 5 models. Explanation blog .

 Machine learning models
 Feb 2017 Ames Housing Sale Prices  Kaggle starter script. Predict house SalePrices using 5 different machine learning algorithms - linear regression, classification trees, neural network, randomforest model, generalized linear model (GLM). Tutorial bloglink. Ames Housing
 Mar 2017----
 Apr 2017Parallel Programming
Parallel Programming in R, including sql queries to retrieve data from database tables. Blogpost link.Code files
 May 2017Dashboards with R

R Dashboard using:

a) storyboard layout,  (b) ​simple layout with ShinyR elements. Blogpost link

Dashboard Codefiles
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