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Project Guides for your portfolio

Project TitleProject Tutorial Description Download Link
 Song sentiments Analyze positive and negative sentiments from artists' song lyrics and compare word preferences for 2 artists.  Code and data files
Social Network VizVisualizing social media networks and clusters

 Download code

 Data files - large files . Zipped folder saved in Google drive public folder.

Automated email for Google TrendsPull Google Trends search data, analyze and then send an email with results. 
 Download code 
Report automationAutomated emails with R. Connect to database, perform calculations, build stunning viz and send as email attachments. 
 Download code 
 Fitbit Data

 Analyzing data from Fitness trackers. (Fitbit).

 Heart rate, sleep quality, calories burned, etc. Tutorial Blog post .

 Download Fitbit_project



 Using 5 machine learning algorithms to predict birth weight of

newborn infants using predictors such as gestation, mother's ethnicity, single or twins/multiples, time when prenatal care started, etc. 

Comparison of accuracy and sensitivity from all 5 models. Explanation blog .

 Machine learning models
 Ames Housing Sale Prices  Kaggle starter script. Predict house SalePrices using 5 different machine learning algorithms - linear regression, classification trees, neural network, randomforest model, generalized linear model (GLM). Tutorial bloglink. Ames Housing
Parallel Programming
Parallel Programming in R, including sql queries to retrieve data from database tables. Blogpost link.Code files
Dashboards with R

R Dashboard using:

a) storyboard layout,  (b) ​simple layout with ShinyR elements. Blogpost link

Dashboard Codefiles
Aug Projects

 1) Monte Carlo Simulations in R (blogpost)

 2) US weather analysis using K-means clustering. 

 1) monte_carlo_in_r.R


Rent Analysis

Rent analysis using Zillow data to investigate most expensive US cities and the price trends over time.

 Latitude-longitude data for US cities is given separately.


2) US Cities geographic coordinates.