Journey of Analytics

Learning Resources 

Free Learning Resources

  • Free courses - My recent blog post covers the best ways to learn programming for data analysis (R, Python, SQL), including free online courses and the best textbooks to self-learn. 
  • Free datasets – Check out my blog post.
  • Free code repositories – Look at my Projects page. This page is periodically updated so do check back again in month or two! :-)
  • Kaggleis known for tough data science competitions. What most newcomers don’t realize it also has a wealth of tutorials, Q&A to help accelerate your learning process. So go ahead, take a look and maybe even attempt a contest or two!
  • 27 free books on data mining.
  • Check out MOOCs from Coursera, EdX and Stanford.
  • An overview of the Hadoop ecosystem.

INFO – Getting Started

  • Want to become a data scientist or switch to a career in analytics? This infographic from is a great place to know what skills you need.
  • LinkedIn blogpost by Zeehshan presents an exhaustive list become a data science expert for FREE, well within a year. 
  • Udacity blog provides practical advice and link to free courses. This second post talks about the 8 most crucial skills needed by a data scientist.
  • Advice to newbies from Robert Dempsey, genius developer, professional, entrepreneur, author and influencer.
  • Free Book from Syracuse Univ. giving an excellent introduction into the world of data science, fundamentals and applications. 
  • How to get started – a broad overview from Univ. of Chicago students working on a World Bank Project. 

Other Resources