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My name is Anupama, aka "Ann". 

Currently work as analytics manager for the card fraud analytics team at a major US bank. I've been privileged to work with global financial giants like NASDAQ, BlackRock and TD bank. This blog is my way of helping others gain mastery over analytics and build their career in this exciting niche. 

I've also authored a book on finding a job in DataScience. The book includes proven strategies that I've used to help dozens of friends and acquaintances get hired at reputed companies. [Check sidebar for details.]

Apart from work and blogging, I love travelling, reading non-fiction books and listening to music. I've hiked at 10 different US National Parks and hope to travel to the rest as well :-) 

Use the contact page to reach out if you want help with a student project, want to share feedback or if you'd simply like to talk about the latest outliers on the NYC bestseller list! 

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